Exterior fire pits hand made in a shop in Transylvania

About Us

Iron and Fire was created after a series of events that happened to me in 2018. I had planned a three-week trip to Argentina and Chile with a group of friends. One of the destinations that I had always wanted to explore was Patagonia in southern Argentina. It was there that I came across an iron fire pit unlike any I had seen before. It was solidly built but had a simple yet aesthetically pleasing design. It held a surprisingly amount of wood and was very easy to light. Plus, it gave off a great deal of warmth for its rather compact size. I was intrigued. I then took measurements and made several sketches, and when I returned back to Romania, I decided to create my own version. Working with an iron specialist, I designed two versions of the outdoor fireplaces I had enjoyed so much during my travels. They are:

The square model is 40 cm around and approximately 60 cm high and made of 3 mm iron.

The round model is a versatile model that can be used as fire pit or as grill.

Both models are light enough to move around and retain the fire ash, so you can install them basically anywhere in an open, outdoor space.

They can be ordered either by email or via the phone (see Contact Page).

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